Wild West Online - BANDIT ATTACK! A Gang Of Outlaws Attacked Me!  - Wild West Online Gameplay HD
Wild West Online - BANDIT ATTACK! A Gang Of Outlaws Attacked Me! - Wild West Online Gameplay
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Wild West Online - BANDIT ATTACK! A Gang Of Outlaws Attacked Me! - Wild West Online Gameplay

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Published on Sep 18, 2017
Welcome to Wild West Online! Wild West Online Gameplay features western themed wild west style gameplay in an open-world MMO game where you decide your own fate. Let's play Wild West Online!
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video supported by devs (sent me a key)


Wild West Online Game Overview:
WILD WEST ONLINE is a emergent systems-driven, open world, Wild West-themed action MMO built from the ground up for PC and featuring world exploration, resource gathering, PvP combat, PvE missions and much, much more. WWO is an awesome place, just watch your back.

YOUR ACTIONS decide if you’ll be a hero, a villain or something else entirely, where you choose if you want to follow the law of the land or throw the good book out the window. But dig deeper and you might start to suspect there’s more going on here than just lawmakers and lawbreakers – underneath the surface this west is even wilder than meets the eye.

In Wild West Online YOU choose your path. How you play the game and how you interact with other players is up to you. WWO's many and diverse dynamic gameplay systems will accommodate a variety of different play styles and moral dispositions.

Do you want to be a prospector and mine for gold? Mine away! But be ready to fend off those who would rather let you do all the hard work then try to steal your claim. Of course, if you're a little wet behind the ears in a gunfight, you could always hire other players to protect you.

Do you want to lie, cheat, rob, and generally carouse your way across the West. You bet you do, outlaw! But watch your back, some players will choose to stay on the right side of the law and become Deputies and Bounty Hunters. These men (and women) are charged with hunting down the likes of you, and bringing you in.

Play alone or form a posse with your friends. Join one of the many bandit clans or create your own and recruit others to fight for control over contested territories.

Your actions in this world WILL affect your reputation, which will define how other players and NPCs view and treat you. Keep it up you may even get a price on your head. In these scenarios you may want to think twice before heading into civilization or getting to close to any lawmen or bounty hunters. Don't worry though, there are plenty of outlaw hideouts that provide all the same services a town. They’re just a little more dangerous.

Or maybe you prefer to live a simpler life, buy a deed to a farm, customize it to your liking and live off the land. Sell produce to other players and General Stores in towns. Or just buy or rent one of the cabins around the world to be your safe house, where you can rest up, recuperate, stash your loot, customize your character or fast travel to other destinations accessible to you.

Maybe you want to be an explorer, discover uncharted realms, find hidden treasures, piece together ancient stories and become known as a trailblazer this the brave new world? You can do that too!


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